Astrology Made Easy: Playing with YOUR *Stars*

Students will look at their Natal Birth Chart & the placement of various planets, signs & houses, to find potential TalentsAptitudes and perform the roles these planets activate in their charts.

We will focus on Archetypes that reflect Characters they play in your life. These Archetypes show patterns how we relate to people around us, the cosmos, and our perception of reality.  As you re-discover your Life Story, with a Beginning-Middle-End, You will find the spark that illuminates your Soul’s Purpose and creates a stronger Voice to gift the World!!!

August 13-6:30pm to  8:30pm - Every Monday for 4 weeks. 

$20-per single class or $75for all 4 weeks.

Vive Institute 224 Kamemeha Ave. corner of Haili. Ste.104

Call to Sign-up: 936-5255  -  email :