From Michael Marshall From Hilo, Hawaii

With gratitude and honor I am humbled to write a testimonial for the gift of  Yahavah.  Wisdom, experience, heart of a lion, hands of a healer, mother, nurturer, guide, shaman, a true gift to sit with such an elder.  Our story begins in a song circle during a tumultuous time in my life; she spoke of the stars, the patterns of prediction, the changing of the age. I pursued an astrological reading with her, hoping to further the understanding of my story, of myself. The reading was just the beginning. She welcomed me into her home, we sat, we talked, looked at how the stars influence who I am. It was a comfortable, welcoming, deeply informative experience. Yahavah set me with homework to do, checking in in the following days to support my integration. I was not just a client, it was not about money, in her eyes you could see her love for life, her love for sharing her gifts, giving openly and freely a lifetime of knowledge and experience. It was family.

As time went on, I kept the reading close to my heart. I reached out again several weeks later for guidance in finding an experienced masseuse. I described tensions in my abdominal belt…”come to me, i am the most experienced masseuse on island” so up i went, again being welcomed into the home of  Yahavah. Her hands are magic, we worked the body, the abdomen, and incorporated powerful breathwork exercises that aided in unlocking stagnant energy within the solar plexus. It was incredible, I continued to meet with Yahavah weekly for the following month, learning more and diving deeper into breathwork, a wisdom and practice she knew extensively.

Now I approach the present moment of our story. I have found clarity, power, healing, grounding on a level i did not know was possible. She is a true healer and can intuitively guide souls into their own knowing and healing. In a week to come i will begin a seven day fast and colonic cleanse lead by Yahavah.  I truly in words cannot emphasise my gratitude for her presence in my journey.  She teaches you, so you may teach yourself, and teach others to come.  Giving with gratitude and grace.  I say unto you whom are reading this testimony. If even a scratch of your spirit is calling you to find your greater truth, to heal mind body and spirit, find Yahavah, approach with an open heart and willing spirit, your world will be transformed.  Blessings Michael

From Jodi Wille From Los Angeles, California

Yahavah's unique and powerful style is heart-centered, astute in the science, and deeply intuitive. She gave me one of the most profound and helpful readings I’ve ever had. I was blown away by her insight, clarity, and her ability to translate esoteric concepts into practical guidance. Her reading left me feeling empowered with a deeper understanding of myself and my capabilities. I was so inspired, right afterwards I gave a gift of a reading to my best friend, who also loved it!

—Jodi Wille