Your Reading with Yahavah

You can have your Consultation over the phone, or in person and it can be digitally recorded per request.  I live in Hawaii (HST) please beware of the difference of Time zone.  You may ask any question regarding work-health-relationship- success- family. I am here to answer your questions and bring light to impact  you specifically at this time of your life.

The cost of a consultation includes a beautifully printed Natal, Transit or Progressed Chart,  that I prepare before our Astrology meeting. As a result, it is important that if you must reschedule or cancel a reading, you do so at least 48 hours in advance especially if you need to ask for a refund   Please be on time for your appointed phone consultation. Or contact me if you anticipate being late. My readings are meant to offer you insight into the current natural universal energies at play in your body, mind, heart and soul at a given moment, I truly hope that this Astrology Reading will inspire you to have a clear, satisfying, creative, and attuned relationship with them.


1 hour Reading - with Natal Interpretation Report,  a Natal +Transit Chart   

  • Natal Chart -Your Birth Stars Blue Print - Transits (what is going on now in your life)  $75.00
  • Progressed or Solar Return (Your Birthday for next year)  $75.00

  • RelationShip - Career – Job - Occupation - Star Child Reading    $ 75.00

 1hour ½ Reading

  • Relation Ship- Love Life- Partnership - Family Soul-Group Reading $ 95.00
  • Astro*Cartho*Graphy “Your Power Zones”  Maps & report for 1 Location  $ 95.00                             

                                                              CHART PRINTOUT

  •  Any Chart Printouts   $5.00  -  3 Months Report  $10.00 - 6 Months Report  $15.00
  • 12 Months Reports  $20.00. ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY REPORTS  $10.00 per Zone