Yahavah in front of King Kamehameha Statue, in Hilo Hawaii

Yahavah in front of King Kamehameha Statue, in Hilo Hawaii

Yahavah Aquarian is  a  French born in Casablanca Morocco, and has traveled the world intensively.  Yahavah speaks 5 languages fluently as she has lived for many years within each of these different cultures.   She has now settled in the beautiful and spiritual town of Hilo, Hawaii.

 Yahavah has been Practicing Astrology since 1991. She was born into it, she says.  Yahavah has traveled intensively to study Astrology with the world most famous astrologers such as those at (AFA), AAN, SFAA, and ISAR & NCGR

Yahavah applies her many talents in many different modes of Astrology.   From  Past Lives To Present Life -Transits - Life Progressions - RelationShip Compatibilities - Career Success - Family Happiness -Health Guidance   *ASTRO*CARTHO GRAPHY, * Your Zones of Power -Spiritual counseling

Yahavah is a Licensed Unity school of Christianity Teacher. She has a rich Spiritual, Mystical, Universal background in Music, Metaphysics, Meditation, Yoga, Natural Healing comprising Aroma Therapy, diet, herbs, extensive modes of Massage therapy,  Fasting in combo with Colon Detoxing

Yahavah helps her clients with the knowledge and application of all these modalities and techniques in her consultation.  As she connects deeply with the particular part of the person’s body, mind, heart or soul to bring out the symbiotic relationship, that  unveil the exact response at hand, needed to heal holistically and achieve homeostasis,  joy, peace, love and success