What Will I Learn?

  • If you wonder how Astrology works and how you can take advantage of the stars influences in order to improve life.  Thi.s class is for you

  • If you want to find where your natural talents lie. and why you have difficulty in those particular areas of your life, Astrology can pinpoint those  aspects.

  • Why do you attract the peoples you live with and how to get along ? Astrology will guid you trough the most compatible partnerships

This course will introduce you to the true purpose of Astrology. At the end of this course you will understand all the building blocks of how astrology works, as well as be able to look at a chart and understand how to be able to give a basic astrology reading to someone else.

Astrology is a genuine science of practical action merged with conscious knowledge. The Stars emit a stellar radiation,  that influence us in subtle and profound ways.  The human being is a mirror evolving around the Galactic universe where the planets move, evolve and progress within it.  We are a replica of the stars in the zodiacal belt within the universal consciousness


You will practice:

  • Creating a basic Astrology Chart

  • Reading an Astrology Chart

  • Signs, Planets, Elements, Aspects, Houses

  • Transits and Progressions and what they all mean